Welcome to the Online Newbie

The Online NewbieHello! I am Adrienne Dupree and welcome to the Online Newbie. Our mission is to teach people in corporate America who want to get out of the rat race how to start an online internet marketing business that can potentially replace their income, allow them to control their own destiny and stop trading hours for dollars.

Many people were told that the way to be successful was to go to college; get a good job and life would be good.  In the beginning you are very excited.  You have a career and are on your way up the corporate ladder.  You work hard, make more money and more than likely, spend more money.  You get into this pattern where your lifestyle keeps up with your paycheck.  You wonder how you ever made it on so little money when you started your career.  You may work a lot of hours and even turn into a “workaholic”. Your job starts to take over your life and you sacrifice many things that are important to you for the job.

At some point, you may decide that this is not worth it anymore.  You may have developed health problems because of the stress, you may have put a strain on important relationships, you feel unappreciated or you figure out that working hard does not always equate with getting ahead. Your job is no longer your passion and you want out. You may want to just quit on the spot, but you can’t.  You feel trapped which is an awful feeling.  You have bills and a mortgage to pay so you can’t just quit your job to follow your passion. You have dreams, but you don’t think it is possible to ever get out of the rat race. Continue reading Welcome to the Online Newbie

Remote Desktop – Access your Desktop or PC Remotely Using your Android Device

Remote DesktopYesterday I read an article from Tech Crunch that announced that Google has released a Chrome Remote Desktop application for your Android that allows you mobile access to your PC. Now as a person who loves gadgets and technology, this is really cool. I know in the corporate world we had tools like this, but now this is something that the average consumer can take advantage of.

In order to take advantage of this you need to install an app called “Chrome Remote Desktop”. You also have to install an app on your desktop or laptop which is available in the Chrome Web Store. One you install the app, you can connect remotely to your computer and access your files and folders.

How many times have you been away and then realized that you needed some information from your computer. It happened to me twice just yesterday. Someone asked me a question and the answer was on a file that was on my laptop.  I had to tell them that I would get back to them when I returned home from work. Also, I needed to send a file to someone yesterday, but that file was on my laptop at home as well.  If I know I will need a file, then I will upload it to Drop Box, but you cannot anticipate everything.

Lastly, the article goes on to talk about how you can help fix computer problems for others remotely. I know in my family I am the resident “Computer Helpdesk”. Whenever someone has a problem with their computer, I am the one that is called.  Sometimes I am able to resolve their problem and sometimes I am not. How cool would it be for me to initially remote desktop into their machine to see if I can resolve the problem?

Currently this application only works on PCs but they are working on a version for MACs. I believe that there are many uses for this technology. I won’t have to wait to get back home if I needed a file that was located on my laptop. Leave a comment and let everyone know how you could use this new technology.

Why On Earth Would You Leave Corporate America

Leave Corporate AmericaMaking the decision to leave corporate America isn’t an easy one, especially if it’s a job that pays well, has benefits and more. You have invested a lot in your education and training to get to this point. You have a lot of “skin in the game”. But people do leave and they leave for a number of different reasons – company downsizing, being ‘forced’ to leave, a loved one becoming terminally ill, going on maternity leave and deciding they don’t want to go back, etc.

 Talk corporate America workers and you’ll find that most of them feel like they’re underpaid, overworked or not appreciated. And again, most of them are extremely unhappy in their jobs. They talk about how they are not living the lifestyle they want, they don’t have enough time with family and friends and that they want to do something they have passion for. Usually if the beginning you are very excited and have lots of passion for the job you were hired to do, but over time, that passion wanes or disappears all together.

 This unhappiness and the desire to have more flexibility to live the lifestyle they want, leads to entrepreneurship and building an online business. People leave corporate America to pursue entrepreneurship.

 As mentioned above, it can be hard leaving corporate America especially if the job pays well. A lot of times our lifestyle keeps up with our paycheck making it seem impossible to get out. But most people have come to realize, and this is especially true as people get older and begin to realize just how short life really is, that money isn’t everything. And while money isn’t everything, keep in mind that entrepreneurship and starting your own online business actually gives you the opportunity to earn more than what you can working at a job because you get to set your prices, give yourself raises, etc.

 People leave corporate America to start their own business because they want the freedom and flexibility that having an online business can provide. Not only does it give freedom and flexibility to spend more time with family and friends, but it also has the potential (depending on how hard you work at it to make it financially successful) to provide financial freedom to live a certain lifestyle – traveling, owning a vacation home, buying a house, etc (whatever the lifestyle you wish).

 As you can see, there are definite benefits to leaving corporate America behind and venturing out on your own. Yes it can be risky, to leave the comfort of a corporate job that offers steady pay and reliability, to jump into entrepreneurship but many people choose to do it build an online business. And not only do they build that business, but they are successful at it. It can be done! You just have to weigh the options and decide whether leaving corporate America and starting your own online business is right for you, your family and your family’s needs. Only you can make that decision.

 There are many skills that you have gained in corporate America that are directly transferrable to entrepreneurship. The blog post, 5 Skills In Corporate America That You Can Translate To An Online Marketing Business, gives examples of 5 skills that you can use as you are transitioning to an entrepreneur.

If you want real life inspiration and advice for starting an online business, you should read “Leave the Corporate World Behind”. This book tells the stories of people who have left corporate America for an online business.

Bootstrap Marketing Product Review

Bootstrap MarketingA lot of people think that in order to make money on the internet you have to spend a lot of money. Dennis Becker’s Bootstrap Marketing gives you 5 simple methods to go from zero to full-time earning in 6 months. This 92 page PDF shows you step-by-step how to accomplish this. When I first saw the title, I was a little skeptical.  After reading the report, I became very excited. This product shows you how you can initially start out with no investment and how to gradually start to pay for things once you have some income coming in. The main thing is you need to follow Dennis’ road-map and stay away from Bright Shiny Objects (BSOs).

Dennis believes that it is better to start from the bottom and work your way up. When you don’t have money to spend on your business, it forces you to be more creative. You learn all the things that must be done in your business as opposed to outsourcing everything. I am not saying that you should not outsource, but you should know what is involved in the tasks you will eventually outsource out.

Bootstrap Marketing 5 Business Models

There are 5 business models that are explained in detail in Bootstrap Marketing:

  1. Freelancer
  2. Niche Marketer
  3. Affiliate Marketer
  4. Blogger
  5. Kindle Writer

For each of these business models, this product gives you 10 steps you need to follow as well as your 6 month bootstrapping overview. As I read through Bootstrap Marketing, I was perplexed as to what method to choose. I have experimented with all of these methods except for freelancing.

I am going to focus on the Kindle writing. I have written one Kindle book so far, Leave The Corporate World Behind.  I have been a contributor to another one,  What Is Your Why? I also am currently contributing to two other Kindle books.  It was stated that in order to be a successful Kindle author you need to have more than one book. My plan is to write a series of The Online Newbie books.

Bootstrap Marketing  is a great resource for online newbies.  It outlines 5 different business models that you can start right now with no money. Once you read this report, please leave a comment  and let me know what model you chose.

Embarrassing Product Riches Product Review

Embarrassing Product RichesesThe product Embarrassing Product Riches teaches you how to profit from embarrassing niches. It even includes the top 20 profitable embarrassing niches.  Some of the niches described in this product are too embarrassing for me. However, there are a few that I will definitely consider. For some of them, there are both physical products and digital products associated with them.  I can get the physical products and books on Amazon. I can get the digital products on Clickbank. Depending on the niche, I could even set up an Amazon store. I gave you a few examples of places where you can find both digital and physical products. Embarrassing Product Riches gives you even more choices.

The good thing about these embarrassing niches is that people will spend money to get rid of these problems.  A lot of people search on the internet for cures, advice and information about these problems because they don’t want people to know about their situations.

So you may be confused as to what is an embarrassing problem. According to Embarrassing Product Riches, an embarrassing problem is “pretty much anything that makes people feel uncomfortable, uneasy, embarrassed, self-conscious or ashamed”. Some examples are stretch marks, panic attacks, psoriasis and hair loss.

Embarrassing Product Riches takes you step-by-step on how to find profitable niches. The first step is to use Google to find out what people are searching for.  Once you find your keywords, the next step is to check on your competition. Next we find products to sell. These can be physical products with an affiliate program, information products or actual physical products. Now you need to obtain a keyword rich domain name. I use Go Daddy to purchase my domain names. The last thing to do is to purchase hosting for your new website. I use Blue Host for my hosting.

As you can see, creating websites related to embarrassing niches can be very profitable. This product review only highlights the top level steps that must be taken to find these niches. The product goes into much more detail. Purchase Embarrassing Product Riches now so you can be on your way to creating profitable niche websites.

Online Newbie Mistakes To Avoid

Online Newbie MistakeWhen it comes to online marketing, it can be really overwhelming and downright scary for an online newbie. You want to be successful but with access to so much information and one person saying do this and another saying no do this, it’s hard to know where to start and who to trust. While there’s no definite way to ensure your success because what works for one person doesn’t necessarily work for another, this article provides some tips on things that all online newbie entrepreneurs should avoid.

Online Newbie Mistake #1 – No Mentor

One of the biggest mistakes that an online newbie makes is failing to find a mentor. This doesn’t mean you have to fork over thousands of dollars for a high-end business coach. You can find a mentor by joining a mastermind group for a fairly inexpensive monthly amount. You can also start with group coaching.

When it comes to finding a mentor, make sure you take your time to research them. It should be someone that isn’t just talking the talk but who is also walking the walk and willing to show proof of what is working for them. Sadly, the internet makes it all too easy for anyone to come along, pretend they’re making the big bucks and are super successful and charge lots and lots of money for a coaching program. Find a mentor who is willing to provide proof of their success and this doesn’t mean showing your private monthly income statements, it just means that can back up their talk some way.

Keep in mind you can’t learn everything from one person so you’ll actually end up needing more than one mentor at some point. In the beginning, starting with just one is fine but as you and your business grow, you’ll need more than one expert in your industry to teach you the things you need to know.

Online Newbie Mistake #2 – Ridiculous Expectations

If you’re coming into this with the mindset that you can get rich overnight, you’re going to be in for a rude awakening. This is just a ridiculous expectation and one that will set you up for failure. To be a successful online newbie it takes time, dedication and perseverance. Set realistic expectations that won’t set you up for disappointment. For example a realistic expectation could be something like: I want to make $1,000 in my first months of business. That’s definitely more doable than a ridiculous expectation that you’re going to make $100,000 in your first month of business.

Online Newbie Mistake #3 – No Networking

I’m not going to lie; the competition in the online world is fierce. In order to survive, you have to network and build relationships. Not only does networking allow you to connect with your audience, but it allows you to connect with your competition which could mean the potential for some form of partnership in the future. A little side note here: don’t view your competition in a negative light. Instead, think of the positive possibilities – working together on a product or service, promoting one another, etc.

Online Newbie Mistake #4 – Trying to Be Like Someone Else

While you can emulate successful people in your niche and what is working for them, please don’t try to be them. In the world of online business, you have to be willing to be authentic and let others know who you are. This is what will draw people to you. If you love blogging and writing articles, for example, but that super successful person in your niche does more video or audio content and you start forcing yourself to do this, people will pick up that you don’t enjoy it. So just relax, be yourself and do what you love doing. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ever step out of your comfort zone and do audio or video content, it just means don’t force yourself to do that all the time just because someone else does.

Avoiding the online newbie mistakes mentioned in this article won’t ensure your success as an online newbie, but it will help put you on the right path to success.

If you would like to obtain coaching without spending a lot of money, you should consider 10K Laser Coaching. You can be a “fly on the wall” and watch a highly successful online marketer as she conducts her private coaching sessions.  You can get all the powerful benefits of personal, one-on-one mentoring without the expense. Participating in 10K Laser Coaching allows you to watch the entire process of building an amazingly successful online business, learn from these successes, and the ability to see and avoid the mistakes along the way. You can read 10K Laser Coaching – Earn 10K A Month Online to learn more about the 10K Laser Coaching program.

Inspiration and Advice For Starting An Online Business

starting an online businessWhile a lot of people think about becoming an online entrepreneur, most don’t and even fewer have what it takes to make it! I didn’t share this to discourage you. I shared it because it’s true. Building an online business isn’t for the faint at heart. It takes dedication, time, perseverance and you have to have that attitude of ‘where there’s a will, there’s a way’. So, with that being said, I have put together a list of advice and inspiration to help you in your online business endeavors.   

Starting An Online Business – Loving What You Do and Doing What You Love

If you left corporate America to start your online business, it’s probably because you didn’t like what you were doing. Make sure you don’t fall into that again when you build an online business. Instead you want to build your business around loving what you do, and doing what you love.

Starting An Online Business – Build Relationships

Don’t build an online business by trying to sell, sell, sell, and sell some more. Yes, obviously you will have to do some selling; after all you’re doing this to make a living. But it’s more about relationship marketing and building up those relationships than anything. Remember, when starting an online business people buy from those they know, like and trust. People won’t get to that point without you making an effort to cultivate those relationships first and foremost.

Starting An Online Business – Take Baby Steps

Rome wasn’t built in a day and that pertains to starting an online business as well. Take things one step at a time. Don’t get caught up in the bright shiny object syndrome that many online entrepreneurs do. The go from one thing to the next, purchasing one product and then another and another and another without actually learning or implementing anything from the previous one you bought. You have to take action or nothing is going to work!

Starting An Online Business – Don’t Get Discouraged

It can be disheartening when you first start an online business and aren’t making that much money. You can’t get discouraged. Remember, this isn’t a get rich overnight type thin. If you have that expectation you might as well throw in the towel now because it’s not going to happen. You have to work at building a successful online business and that means tracking what you’re doing and when you find something that is getting results, do more of that. When something isn’t getting results, tweak it and try again. Just don’t get discouraged and end up giving up before the miracle happens.

I hope that the advice given will help you with starting an online business. Just remember, it takes time to build a successful business. It’s not going to happen overnight! And just in case you need a little extra inspiration, I’ve included some bonus quotes below. They’re about entrepreneurship and they share a great message:

 “Chase the vision, not the money, the money will end up following you.” —Tony Hsieh, Zappos CEO

“Don’t worry about failure; you only have to be right once.” —Drew Houston, Dropbox founder and CEO

“Entrepreneur is someone who has a vision for something and a want to create.” —David Karp, Tumblr founder and CEO

“I doubt I’ll ever go back to corporate work. Once you see the light, there is no turning back.” —Magnus Jepson, WooThemes co-founder

“The only thing worse than starting something and failing… is not starting something.” —Seth Godin, Squidoo founder, author and blogger

If you want real life inspiration and advice for starting an online business, you should read “Leave the Corporate World Behind”. This book tells the stories of people who have left corporate America for an online business.

First Steps To A Successful Online Entrepreneur

Successful Online EntrepreneurCongratulations on taking the steps to become an online entrepreneur. Maybe it was an easy journey to get here, maybe it wasn’t. That doesn’t really matter. What does is that you’re here and will be running a business that satisfies you, helps you lead the lifestyle you wish to live and will hopefully give you the opportunity to do what you’re passionate about.  Now that you’ve got the hardest part out of the way – starting your online business – let’s talk about some steps that will help ensure the success of your business.

Successful Online Entrepreneur Step 1 – Write a Business Plan

This doesn’t have to be a long drawn out overly complicated document. A simple one or two page document will work. I’ve even heard of someone writing a business plan on a bar napkin before! The idea here is that you have something written down that will help you know where you’re going with your business and what you want to achieve down the road. You need to have an idea of where you want to go with your business or you’ll just kind of spin your wheels going nowhere.

Successful Online Entrepreneur Step 2 – Get Help and Training

Don’t try to do this alone. There are so many people that have gone before you and are now successful online entrepreneurs. Learn from them and their mistakes! Most of the successful online entrepreneurs out there offer products or services based on what is working for them and what didn’t work for them. There’s no reason to try and do this alone and make mistakes that can be costly. Instead, invest your time and money in learning from an expert in your niche that has achieved what you want to achieve.

Successful Online Entrepreneur Step 3 – Build Relationships with Your Competition

It doesn’t matter what you do online or offline. There’s always going to be competition. Don’t let your competitors in the online world scare you. It’s a fierce world when it comes to online entrepreneurship and all the competition out there. Why not utilize your competitors to the benefit of both of you?

Instead of trying to one up each other all the time, why not join forces. Create a product together. Host a webinar or live event together. Each of you can share the others products and services with your audiences.  The possibilities are endless if you choose to work with, instead of against, your competition! Also, everyone is unique so there will never be any duplication.

This list of steps is by no means an exhaustive list. These are just a few important ones that if you take the time to follow, can help ensure your success as an online entrepreneur.

If you would like to learn from online entrepreneurs that have already success, then read “Leave The Corporate World Behind”. This book includes the stories of people who have left corporate America to start an online marketing business or people who are still in corporate America but have a part-time online marketing business.

4 Reasons Why You Should Attend Weekend Marketer Live

Weekend Marketer LiveI attend several events every year and one that is at the top of my list is Weekend Marketer Live. This 3 day event put on by Connie Ragen Green is held twice a year in Las Vegas. This event is a little different than most events.  It is specifically geared to online marketing “newbies”.  If this is your first year online or if you’ve been working on your business for a couple of years and still are not earning at least $1,000 a month consistently, then you should attend Weekend Marketer Live.

This live event was born out of an online course and also a book, The Weekend Marketer. There is also a Kindle version of the book as well. This book takes you step by step through the process of making the decision to pursue an online business, laying the foundation, and getting started on the right foot with your sites, digital products and services, and sharing your knowledge with others.

There are four reasons why you should attend the next Weekend Marketer Live event that will be held in April 2014:

Weekend Marketer Live Attendance Reason #1

The first reason you should attend this event is you will learn some pretty cool things. Not only will you learn from Connie Ragen Green, but she has also invited a few other people to teach as well. Sue Guiher will be teaching you how to determine your core values and how to brand yourself as an online entrepreneur. Kimberly Schramm will teach you how to set yourself apart as the leading authority in your field. Ed Manske will teach you how to develop salesmanship skills which are essential for a successful online business. Geoff Hoff will teach you how to use WordPress to write a bestselling book quickly. Debbie O’Grady will teach you how to move forward with your online business by holding yourself accountable for everything you do. As you can see, there will be a lot of great information shared.

Weekend Marketer Live Attendance Reason #2

There will be some amazing networking opportunities at this event. The event is small enough that you will get to know everyone in attendance. You will get the opportunity to meet people that you may only know online. You will probably meet new people as well. Live events are a great place to find potential joint venture (JV) partners.

Weekend Marketer Live Attendance Reason #3

The third reason you should attend is because I want to teach you about Google Analytics.  I will be teaching you all about Google Analytics. Even if you are not a numbers person, I will show you how to grow your business and target your audience and prospects in a way that’s simple and fun. I love teaching and would love to teach you as well.

Weekend Marketer Live Attendance Reason #4

The last reason is for all of you people that have been suffering through all of the cold and snow this winter.  I live on the east coast and we are still getting snow and really cold temperatures even though it is the middle of March.  I can’t wait to get to Vegas for milder temperatures and sunshine. The weather is great in Vegas this time of year.

So I hope I have at least enticed you to think about attending Weekend Marketer Live. If you do decide to come, you will not be disappointed.

Do I Have What It Takes To Leave The Corporate Rat Race For Online Marketing?

Corporate Rat RaceIf you are one of those people in corporate America who is tired of the rat race then you may be thinking about other things you can do instead. You are probably asking yourself, “Do I have what it takes to leave the corporate rat race for online marketing?” One thing you can do to replace your income and job is to become an online marketer. That is what I have decided to do.  At this point, I am still working full-time in corporate America, but I also have a part-time online marketing business. Now an online marketing business can be very exciting and very scary as well. There are some things that you probably want to think about to ensure that you are cut out to be an online marketer and an entrepreneur.


Are you a self-starter?  In your current job, do you wait for someone to tell you what needs to be done or do you just jump in there and get things done? As an entrepreneur, you will no longer have a boss to tell you what to do and look over your shoulder to ensure you are doing what you are supposed to be doing. You have to be self-motivated enough to get things done. Starting a new online marketing business is a lot of work but it is also very rewarding as well.

Work Alone

Are you one of those people that needs to be around people in an office setting or are you comfortable working alone? As an online marketer, you may have a team, but usually you will be working from home. If you require a lot of human interaction, then you may want to reconsider this type of career.  If you have an opportunity to work from home at your current position, try it out to see how you do. Are you able to stay focused and get your work done? Does it bother you that you are working from home and you are working alone?

Enjoy Computer Work

As an online marketer, you will be using your computer.  Tasks include writing blog posts and articles, creating videos and audios, creating information products, hosting teleseminars and webinars, etc. Now don’t panic if you don’t know how to do these things or think this may be too overwhelming. You don’t have to do everything. You can outsource to a tech person or a virtual assistant. However, if you hate working on the computer, then you probably won’t succeed as an online marketer.

So if you are a self-starter, focused, self-motivated, don’t mind working alone and like working on a computer, then a career as an online marketer might be right for you. Online marketing is an excellent way to get out of the corporate rat race. You may also want to read “5 Skills In Corporate America That You Can Translate To An Online Marketing Business” to find out how you current skills will help you in your new online marketing career. If you are new to online marketing and would like some additional training send an email to me to find out more about one-on-one and group coaching.

What Presidents Day and Online Marketing Have In Common

e Marketing Presidents DayYou are probably thinking that Presidents Day has nothing to do with online marketing, but I disagree. For a lot of people Presidents Day is a holiday. Typically people use the day to go shopping, relax, take a 3 day vacation, etc.  This was what I would do also or I would work.  At my previous company, President’s Day was a floating holiday.  That meant you could either take the day or save it for another day.

 If you are a part-time online marketer, a day like President’s Day is a great day to get a lot of work done. If you are a part-time online marketer like me with a full time job, you time to work on your business is limited. I typically work on my business in the evenings after work and on the weekends. This takes a lot of discipline, dedication and focus especially working in the evening.  Instead of relaxing and “vegging out” in front of the television after work, I start working on my online marketing business.

The good thing about a day like Presidents Day is that I have the whole day to work on my online marketing business.  I get really excited and dream about the time when I can work on my business for a whole day instead of just in the evenings.  I am usually much more productive on these “working holidays”. I use these days for my bigger projects. It is easier to work on a big project for the entire day instead of working on it in spurts.  Sometimes you lose your momentum when you have to work in spurts.

If you are a part-time online marketer, I suggest that you also take advantage of these holidays. A good project to work on is an information product.  If you are really focused, you can create an information product in one or two days. There are some good resources to help you with creating information products. 48 Hour Product will show you how to create a high quality information product in less than 2 days. 6 Easy Pieces of Product Creation teaches you how to create your information product, sell it and get traffic.

Another task that you could complete is to write a short report.  These are typically at least 10 pages in length and are given away for free.  Even though you give them away for free, you can include links to relevant products. These products can either be your products or affiliate products.  You can also invite people to join your list as well. Short Report Magic is a step-by-step guide that shows you how to create short reports.

 You could also write a Kindle book. Becoming an author is a great way to gain credibility and become an authority.  Kindle Cheats shows you 10 ways to create amazing Kindle books fast. One Problem Product Creation teaches you how to write an eBook that solves one problem. Kindle Clone Method teaches you how to create eBooks that are guaranteed to make your money.

As you can see, there are many things you can actually accomplish if you have a holiday. You should try to complete a substantial project instead of working on little things that you can probably get accomplished working at night. If you have actually used these tactics or think that you would benefit from this, please leave a comment.