Embarrassing Product Riches Product Review

The product Embarrassing Product Riches teaches you how to profit from embarrassing niches. It even includes the top 20 profitable embarrassing niches. Some of the niches described in this product are too embarrassing for me. However, there are a few that I will definitely consider. For some of them, there are both physical products and [...]

Inspiration and Advice For Starting An Online Business

While a lot of people think about becoming an online entrepreneur, most don’t and even fewer have what it takes to make it! I didn’t share this to discourage you. I shared it because it’s true. Building an online business isn’t for the faint at heart. It takes dedication, time, perseverance and you have to [...]

First Steps To A Successful Online Entrepreneur

Congratulations on taking the steps to become an online entrepreneur. Maybe it was an easy journey to get here, maybe it wasn’t. That doesn’t really matter. What does is that you’re here and will be running a business that satisfies you, helps you lead the lifestyle you wish to live and will hopefully give you [...]

4 Reasons Why You Should Attend Weekend Marketer Live

I attend several events every year and one that is at the top of my list is Weekend Marketer Live. This 3 day event put on by Connie Ragen Green is held twice a year in Las Vegas. This event is a little different than most events. It is specifically geared to online marketing “newbies”. [...]

Do I Have What It Takes To Leave The Corporate Rat Race For Online Marketing?

If you are one of those people in corporate America who is tired of the rat race then you may be thinking about other things you can do instead. You are probably asking yourself, “Do I have what it takes to leave the corporate rat race for online marketing?” One thing you can do to [...]

What Presidents Day and Online Marketing Have In Common

You are probably thinking that Presidents Day has nothing to do with online marketing, but I disagree. For a lot of people Presidents Day is a holiday. Typically people use the day to go shopping, relax, take a 3 day vacation, etc. This was what I would do also or I would work. At my [...]

One Hour Guide to Membership Site Plan Book Review

Jeanette Cates was one of the first people I connected with when I came online. I instantly felt a connection to her due to her technical background. She has started a 1 hour book series where she teaches you a topic in one hour. The first one in the series is about membership sites.

You [...]

The Trials and Tribulations Of My Latest Product Launch

Friday, I launched my third product, How To Create A Sidebar Widget. This was my second product that I created by myself and the third product that I have been involved with. I thought I was much more prepared than the first product launch, but I still ran into problems. At first I was going [...]

What Online Marketers Can Learn From Women’s Basketball

Courtesy of UMD Sports

Today was the home opener for the University of Maryland Women’s Basketball Team. I am a huge fan of Women’s basketball. I have season tickets to the Washington Mystics which is a WNBA team and I also have season tickets to the University of Maryland (UMD) Women’s Basketball team. The [...]

Differences Between A Telecommuter And An Online Marketing Entrepreneur

A lot of people think that a telecommuter is similar to being an online marketing entrepreneur. As someone who is on both sides of the fence, I can assure you that that couldn’t be further from the truth. First let me give a definition of a telecommuting job vs. an online marketing entrepreneur. If you [...]