How To Get Out Of The Corporate Rat Race

Are you currently working in corporate America? If so, then you know about the rat race. You graduate from high school and go to college. You graduate from college and get your “good job” in corporate America. Your parents are proud since you have always been told to “go to school and get a good [...]

Are You A Part Of A Supportive Business Community?

Most of us have multiple circles of friends that we can count on and are always there to be supportive. I am blessed and fortunate enough to have several circles of friends that I can depend on for almost anything.

I am a member of a sorority so I have a circle of sorority sisters [...]

Hurricane Sandy – What Does the Hurricane Have to Do With Online Marketing?

I live in the Washington, DC area and we are in the midst of Hurricane Sandy. I was fortunate enough to get a generator yesterday so I can preserve my food and use my computer if the power goes out. Thankfully, I still have power. The Federal Government shut down as well as [...]

Online Marketing Training – University vs. Self-Taught vs. Formal

If you are just getting started in Online Marketing or if you have been around the block a few times, you may be thinking about what type of online marketing training exists and what is best for you. There are basically three types of online marketing training – training from a university, learn on [...]

Is Your Chosen Niche Your Passion?

One of the biggest challenges for an Internet Marketing Newbie is to determine your niche. Your niche needs to be something you are passionate about. This makes it much easier to stay focused and develop creative content. So how do you know if your chosen niche is your passion? I will use myself as an [...]

5 Reasons an Internet Marketing Newbie Should Attend the Niche Affiliate Marketing Workshop – NAMS

You may think that if you are an internet marketing newbie you will not get much benefit from attending live internet marketing events. In general, that may be the case. However, the Niche Affiliate Marketing Workshop (NAMS) is different. NAMS consists of 3 full days of instruction and it is held twice a year. The [...]